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Dog Fertility Clinic
Dog Fertility Clinic
Dog Fertility Clinic
Dog Fertility Clinic

Dog Fertility Clinic, ChubbaChops Fertility Clinic for dogs provides expert dog fertility services in the UK. We only use state of the art fertility clinic equipment for your dog. Enabling us to achieve the best results possible. Professional dog fertility services at the Chubbachops Fertility Clinic offered to all our dogs and their owners. The ChubbaChops Fertility Clinic also provide a mobile dog fertility service for up to a 50-mile radius of any of our UK dog clinics.

At the ChubbaChops Fertility Clinic we definitely use some of the most recent technology and accurate breeding and fertility equipment available at a price every breeder can afford.

Our Dog Fertility Clinic Services Include:

With lots of years experience in the dog fertility clinic industry, the Fertility Clinic Team at ChubbaChops are passionate about breeding totally healthy dogs. As a dog fertility business we know the health of the dogs we work with, is important for a successful fertilization to take place.

For free and friendly advice on any dog fertility questions you may have, just give our dog fertility team a call on 07810141917.

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    Dog Reproductive Cycle.

    The heat cycle of the female dog lasts from 18 to 21 days. Beginning with mild swelling of the vulva and also bloody discharge. This lasts for about 9 days. Although it may vary by 2 or 3 days. During this phase the female dog may also attract male dogs. She is not ready to be bred yet and will reject any dogs advances.

    The next phase is the estrus.

    Usually the female dogs discharge decreases and also becomes lighter, almost pink in colour. The female dogs vulva becomes very enlarged and soft. She will also be receptive to the male dogs now.

    This stage may last up to 3 or 4 days or as long as 7 to 11. The bitch may also be receptive for a day or two past the time when she would still be fertile. To be sure that the breeding is taking place at the optimum time. Vaginal smears and blood tests can be done by the Fertility Clinic at the beginning before estrus and also through the estral phase.

    At about the 14th day, or whenever estrus ends. The final stage of the cycle begins. The female dogs discharge becomes redder and also the vulva returns to its normal size. The bitch will no longer accept the male dog for mating.
    When all signs of discharge, also swelling are absent the dogs heat is complete. The diestrus stage lasts 60 to 90 days or until the bitch gives birth. She then enters anestrus, which is the time frame between the end of the last cycle and the beginning of the next proestrus.

    Dog Fertility Clinic.

    Dog males are always fertile from the onset of their sexual adolescence, usually after six months of age. Larger-breed male dogs may take a few months longer to become sexually mature. Male dogs are usually promiscuous and are willing to mate with any available female dog.

    Male dogs produce far more sperm than is needed to impregnate the ova that are released during estrus.
    Gestation and whelping.

    The normal gestation period is 63 days from the time of conception. This may vary if the bitch has been bred two or three times. Or if the eggs are fertilized a day or two after the mating has taken place. Eggs remain fertile for about 48 hours. Sperm can live in the vaginal tract for several days. In order to determine if a bitch is pregnant. A veterinarian can manually palpate her abdomen at about 25 days after breeding. At about 40 days X rays will confirm pregnancy.

    Most bitches whelp normally. However, the large-headed, short-bodied breeds and the toy breeds often must undergo cesarean sections in order to deliver live puppies.
    Reproductive capacity

    When to Breed your Dog.

    Both males and females are fertile well into their advanced age. Its considered generally better for the bitch to be bred for the first time upon maturity. But not before her second or third heat cycle. Bitches have less difficulty in conceiving a litter if she is bred before the age of five. As she becomes older, litter size generally decreases. After the age of seven, bitches are likely to have small litters and experience problems in delivering the puppies.

    A male dog breeds for as long as they are fertile. Although with age the motility and quantity of sperm may decrease.

    The Fertility Clinic offer professional dog breeding services throughout Milton Keynes. We also offer a mobile service within a 50 mile radius of the Fertility Clinic premises.

    With years of experience in the artificial dog breeding industry. The Fertility Clinic is passionate about breeding healthy dogs in a clean and hygienic environment. As a family-run business, the Fertility Clinic have grown up around dogs. We believe that the well being of the dogs we work with is paramount for a successful dog breeding.

    Artificial Insemination for Dogs.

    Breeding dogs naturally can be an anxious experience for a bitch. The Fertility Clinic designed their dog insemination service to make things as stress-free as possible. If transporting your female dog is a concern. We provide a mobile artificial insemination service up to 50 miles of Milton Keynes.
    Mobile Dog Artificial Insemination.

    The female dog is likely to be more relaxed if at home. This is often the best possible route to successful breeding.

    Artificial insemination for dogs is not only a fast and highly successful breeding option. It is the best way of protecting the sexual health of your female dog. Fertility Clinic don’t allow our stud dogs to tie with a bitch to ensure they remain 100% STD-free. You can rest assured that the semen from our stud dogs is clean, healthy, thoroughly tested, and enhanced with antibiotics.

    Stud Fees or Dog Fertility Clinic.

    Stud fees are costly and also incur an element of risk. Why not guarantee a successful pregnancy with the Fertility Clinic's dog artificial insemination services?

    As part of the Fertility Clinic sperm analysis service. We will check your chosen stud dog’s sperm count, motility, and also volume before insemination to ensure the best possible outcome.

    As part of the Fertility Clinic's dog artificial insemination services. The Fertility Clinic also take the time to check the health of your bitch. At the Fertility Clinic we undertake a full examination and assess her overall well-being for any underlying health issues or concerns. The health and well being of your dog is our number one priority.

    The Dog Fertility Clinic.