Dog Artificial Insemination

Dog Artificial Insemination
Dog Artificial Insemination

Dog Artificial Insemination services at the ChubbaChops fertility clinic. Dogs inseminated artificially by the Fertility Clinic who specialise in artificial insemination for all types of dog. The Artificial Insemination services can either be performed at our fertility clinic premises or mobile within a 50-mile radius. At the Fertility Clinic’s dog artificial insemination’s are carried out by fully trained professionals.

We have lots of experience delivering a safe and effective dog insemination. Speak to the Fertility Clinic today about our dog artificial insemination services.

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Artificial Insemination.

Breeding dogs naturally can be an anxious experience for a bitch. If transporting your female dog is a concern. We also provide a mobile artificial insemination service within 50 miles of Milton Keynes.

Dog Insemination.

Dog sperm insemination can also be carried out in the comfort of your own home. Where the female dog is likely to be most relaxed. This is also often the best possible route to successful breeding.

The Fertility Clinic use sterile tying catheters and semen extenders. In order too increase the motility of the sperm inside the female dog and also create as near to a natural mating experience as possible.

Artificial insemination for dogs is not only a fast and highly successful breeding option. But it is also the best way of protecting the sexual health of your female dog. We don’t allow our stud dogs to tie with a bitch to ensure they remain 100% STD-free. You can also rest assured that the semen from our stud dogs is clean, healthy, thoroughly tested, and enhanced with antibiotics.

Stud fees can clearly be costly and also incur an element of risk. Why not guarantee a successful pregnancy with dog artificial insemination services at the Fertility Clinic?

As part of our sperm analysis service. We will check your chosen stud dog’s sperm count, motility, and volume before insemination to ensure the best possible outcome.

Inseminated Health Check.

As part of our artificial inseminated dog services. We also take the time to check the health of your bitch. We undertake a full examination and assess overall health and check for any underlying health issues or concerns. The health and well being of your dog is undoubtedly our number one priority.