Dog Progesterone Testing

Dog Progesterone Testing
Dog Progesterone Testing

Dog Progesterone Testing by MK Fertility Clinic team at ChubbaChops. We provide dog progesterone testing for local dog breeders.

All progesterone tests are carried out by a fully qualified vet.

Here at the ChubbaChops Fertility Clinic we use the latest veterinary grade progesterone testing machine. This assess your dog’s optimal breeding window also her most likely time to whelp.

Our state of the art dog ovulation tests can ensure a greater chance of success. Saving you time, stress, and also costs in the long-run. Our progesterone testing equipment provides the most accurate test results available today.

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For free and friendly advice on any dog progesterone testing questions you may have, just give us a call on 07810141917.

Alternatively, you can fill in this form and someone from our staff will contact you shortly about progesterone testing your dog.

When you’re paying for stud fees, transport, chilled semen, and also artificial insemination, you want to be sure that your bitch is clearly ready to breed. A Fertility Clinic progesterone dog test takes away all the uncertainty out of breeding.

Dog Progesterone Testing.

We also test accurately for your dog’s likely whelping date. Complications can occur during pregnancy and births, so it’s crucial to know the delivery date. This ensure the health and well being of your bitch and her pups. Certain dog breeds struggle to deliver a natural birth. Testing minimizes any miscalculations and also reduces the likelihood of complications.

Fertility Clinic also specializes in cytology testing. Which involves taking swabs from your female dog to test for the four stages of the oestrous (reproductive) cycle. dog cytology is a budget alternative to progesterone testing. However, dog cytology does not offer the same levels of accuracy. A little extra investment also offers the best value for money and peace of mind overall.

Progesterone Test for Dogs

Fertility Clinic is one of the few canine specialists in the Milton Keynes to use the highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art Automated Enzyme Immunoassay Analyzer. This compact analyzer gives Fertility Clinic the most accurate dog pregnancy test results available, so you can be absolutely positive your dog is ready to breed.

Dog breeding doesn’t have to be haphazard or left to chance. Fertility Clinic can give you and your dogs the absolutely best possible chance of success. Fertility Clinic’s progesterone and also ovulation testing service clearly put the control back in your hands. Get results the first time, every time with Fertility Clinic.

Progesterone and Ovulation Testing Prices

We charge £35 for a Progesterone Test which will also detect ovulation and delivers results within 20 minutes. We also offer a mobile progesterone service where we can come to your location. Please get in touch with us to discuss pricing and coverage for the mobile service. We operate within a 50-mile radius of our office location.