Dog Ultrasound Scan

Dog Ultrasound Scan
Dog Ultrasound Scan

Dog Ultrasound Scan by the Fertility Clinic team at ChubbaChops who are experts in dog ultrasound scanning. Get accurate dog ultrasound scanning results off the Chubbachops Fertility Clinic to check your dogs pregnancy.

At the Fertility Clinic we offer a non-invasive, mobile dog ultrasound scan services from 21 days on wards. The ultrasound scanning procedure can either be carried out at our premises and also your home.

Keep up to date with your dog’s progress throughout the pregnancy. Ensuring she is clearly in a healthy condition to carry a litter with our dog pregnancy ultrasound scanning.

For free and also friendly advice on any dog ultrasound scan questions you have, just give us a call on 07810141917.

Alternatively, you can fill in this form and someone from our staff will contact you shortly.

Mobile Dog Scanning.

Forget the travel and let the Fertility Clinic bring our dog pregnancy scan to you. Less trouble, and a comfortable also familiar environment for your bitch. We understand that an unknown environment can unsettle your dog. Therefore, performing the dogs ultrasound in the comfort of your own home can provide a much more relaxing and comfortable experience.

Dog Ultrasound Scan.

If you’re based in the Milton Keynes and require a mobile dog ultrasound scan, the Fertility Clinic can provide you with this service. Our mobile dog scanning covers a 50-mile radius of Milton Keynes. Contact us directly to discuss your location and whether we can provide this service for you.

The Benefits of a Pregnant Dog Ultrasound.

From 21 days, we can also perform a pregnant dog ultrasound scan to check her progress and detect any puppies. At the Fertility Clinic, our recommended time to complete a pregnant dog ultrasound scan is around 21 – 35 days. However, the earlier end of the scale is always preferable. If you require an even earlier scan, it is possible from 18 days.

The health of your bitch is firstly our priority. Earlier scanning has helped us to save countless dogs and detects serious health issues.

Not only do we scan your dog for possible puppies, but we also check the overall health of your bitch throughout the process. Our dog ultrasound scans are 100% safe for both the mother and the unborn puppies. Within the timescale of 24 – 26 days, we are usually also able to detect heartbeats.

Dog Ultrasound Scans.