French Bulldog Breeder ChubbaChopps

French Bulldog Breeder ChubbaChopps
French Bulldog Breeder ChubbaChopps

UK French Bulldog Breeder ChubbaChopps

French Bulldog Breeder in the UK ChubbaChopps produces UK French Bulldogs from carefully selected and established UK French Bulldog bloodlines. All our French Bulldog Puppies in the UK are vet checked, micro chipped and KC registered.

The French Bulldog in the UK is small in size and its playful and good-natured character easily adapts to different lifestyles and environments making the UK French Bulldog a very popular dog.

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some things to know before you buy your French Bulldog Puppy

Size: Small Rating 2/5

Grooming: Low Rating 2/5

Exercise: Medium Rating 3/5

Children: Above Average Rating 4/5

Training: Average Rating 3/5

Health: Average Rating 3/5

Shedding: Low Rating 2/5

Cost: Above Average Rating 4/5

French Bulldogs are good with children, but must always supervised. French Bulldogs are happy living in an apartment or house. French Bulldogs are easy to train but mischievous. French Bulldogs are a good choice for a first time dog owners because Frenchies are easy to train and house train. French Bulldogs only need shorter walks several times a day. French Bulldogs are Low shedding although they drop more hair in the spring and the autumn. French Bulldogs have become the most popular breed in the UK and for good reason. French Bulldogs are very friendly, easy to train and extremely adaptable.

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